Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Lovely friends

Good morning all and thanks for joining me. 

I am currently sat at the hairdressers and thought it would be a good time to catch up...
You see I could just sit and read a magazine,,,but I would rather spend a few moments with my lovely friends 
I have a coffee at hand and a chocolate biscuit. 
I know so many of you from various workshops and Fb friends read this little  blog , 
You don’t like to leave a comment , which is fine,,,but you just like to read and feel part of it..
Again that is fine by me...and some of you know I test you and ask questions when I see you...
And I know who is laughing now...

Don’t worry...
I won’t name ,,,.names,,,lol..
And of course  there is my Mum,,,

Hi Mum,,,
Who reads this without fail...and tthen there is my lovely proof reader...
Thanks Mate 

Now I know January can be a difficult month for many people...
And this year there are so many nasty bugs going around.
I have a couple of ladies from various workshops who are in hospital and others who have relatives in hospital,
It is times like this that Family and friends are so important...
So if you are reading this and for whatever reason you need a hug..
Here is one just for you...

And if you are feeling down...
Grab a coffee and join me...
And let’s have a catch up

Life is a bit hectic in the Rice household this week, 
Mikey is still with us and so far so good with his management training 
Fran has come over for a couple of days to see him , 
Oh bless her 
She misses him .

Adam, Danielle and Elliot are all ok...and today it  is swimming for them. 
The little man is desperate to sit up...

I just adore him 

I have been trying to get dates sorted and emails sent for workshops...
Plus I have a magazine commission to get under my belt this week 
Mind you Karl is away for a couple of days so I will get it done then .

I have an inky workshop on Saturday so I have some prepping to do for that...
I think I will do that tomorrow...and just get everything out and have a good old messy session...

I will let you know how I get on...
Many thanks to all those ladies who have asked about our Cumbria workshops and retreat..
I am answering your emails as quickly as I can,,
I have added new dates for Glasgow and Anglesey in March and April so please book those if you live near..

Better stop writing and moving my head...
This could be quite a hair cut,,,,
With less hair and more cut
Take care all

If you have snow...keep safe...and warm

Lots of love and hugs 

Jo. xxxxx

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Glad to be back

Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me, on this cold Thursday evening.
I do hope you are keeping warm today. 
Yesterday it was our first workshop of the year...we were back at Hazel Grove, 
I hadn’t realise how much I had missed these ladies and all the laughter. 
We had a play with background techniques and used a rather lovely die from Apple Blossom dies available from Craft Stash. 

We used pixie powders for this card...I do love the effect from these lovely powders. 
Plus some cotton to add extra detail...I found it in my sewing box...and believe me , I won’t be using it for sewing...

Distress / Artistry inks were used for this background, plus the fabulous script stencil from Clarity .

We also talked about the use of gilding wax on black card 

Pixie powders again in the background for this one. 

Distress ink and smooshing for this one..

And finally using die cuts to create the shadow effect. 

So many possibilities with one little die...

I decided to ease the ladies gently back into workshops..
So that’s it...
It is full steam ahead from now

Especially for the camel lady!!!!

Must dash as the little man is due soon... and I need my daily fix of grandma cuddles...

Take care all..
Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxxx

Friday, 5 January 2018

Especially for you ...

Good evening all and thanks for popping in, it is always great to see you .
How are things going ? 
Ok I hope, I know a couple of you are suffering with bugs, it is always hard feeling ill at this time of year. 
So I am sending you a group hug 
and I have made a special tag , 
Especially for you...

For those of you who need it. 

I often get asked what is the best way to craft when Mr MoJo is still on holiday...and I always recommend 
Having a play ,
Make a tag, 
Or just get a piece of card and add some ink...
Before long you will be thinking about adding stencils, Stamps, die cuts etc..
And that is exactly what I did today 

I started with a Tim Holtz tag and some yellow ink 

Followed by some orange 

And then some red.

Next came the water spritzing...

Followed by my favourite Clarity stencil...the script 

I then added some brown ink around the edges of the tag , 
Just to frame the design 

Next came some stamping, these are from the Stampers Anonymous set , WildFlowers by Tim Holtz. 

I used Potting soil Archival ink , I just felt like a change from using Black ink. 
Some first and second generation stamping. 

I added a Clarity sentiment 

And some more flowers.

Next some gold splatting using my pen 

I also edged the tag with the gold marker too. 

Some liquid pearls to add some detail 

And finally a metal embellishment, some dew drops and some rustic string. 

Especially For You. 
I do hope that you like it. 
It is so good to be crafting again and just playing 
I had to visit the gp today...after my Mum nagged me for a few days..
Yes Mum , I went..
Many of you know that I have had an itchy patch of skin on my right hand...not sure why..
But it just appeared about six months ago..
Well a few days ago it suddenly blistered and the skin became very sore 

And it just got worse..
So I went to the chemist to get some magic cream,,,but no it had to be a trip to the doctor for 
The best bit was that he said I have to avoid getting it wet as much as possible and no washing up..(for at 
Least two weeks )
Oh , I nearly kissed him,,,
He made my day
Karl wasn’t too impressed 
So on that note , I am off to sit and watch some catch up tv
With a glass of something 
Have a lovely weekend all

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Another fabulous friend.

Good afternoon all, and thanks for joining me. 
How are you today ? 
Well , 
I hope. 
There are so many bugs going around. 
The weather has been so wet and windy...Eric had a great time this morning ,
 jumping in and out of the puddles down at the fields. 

Now this is what you call a puddle,,,,

He just loves being in water...clean or muddy , he really doesn’t mind. 

Tess on the other hand just likes to paddle...bless her , she is 9 now, but can run with Eric like a puppy. 

This morning I went out for coffee with Mary, Danielle and Elliot...
What a lovely way to spend a morning...
And Elliot just loves his Aunty Mary..

We did a little bit of shopping too...
Well when things are 50% off it would be rude not too...

I was very lucky the other day to receive this fantastic present from my lovely friend 
Wendy Turner..

She has paper cut this design by hand .
It is truly beautiful and I will treasure it 
Thank you so much lovely lady 

I also got this stunning card too...

Mind you , I have taken all my cards and decorations down...have you ? 
I just felt it was time , especially as I have lots of craft jobs to get on with..
Next week kicks off the first workshops of the year and I have an important meeting tomorrow morning..
It is going to be such an exciting year, I can tell you 

Hope you are feeling motivated , and excited about the year ahead..
I also have a special friend coming to stay this weekend..
So I had better get on with cleaning her bedroom..
It has Elliot’s toys in at the moment...

Take care all
Love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year

Good afternoon all, 
                                                                                    As the year draws to a close ,
 I just want to thank all those wonderful crafty ladies and gentlemen who have joined me in our workshops this year,,,
                I have loved spending time with you, crafting, chatting, eating cake and sharing so many experiences ...
                        I have lots more plans for 2018, and I am really looking forward to sharing them with you all...
                               Enjoy your evening...and I hope the New Year brings lots of Happy and Healthy times...
     I really appreciate your friendship.
Thanks for coming here, reading my little blog and leaving comments..
Much love and hugs...

Jo xxxxxx

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Precious gifts

Good afternoon all, 
Thanks for popping in this Saturday afternoon. 
How is your weekend going ? 
We have been for a long dog walk this morning and then we are taking Elliot 
Out this afternoon. 
He is just having his lunch....bless him..
He is six months old today..

Here are some more lovely cards 

That you lovely Crafters have given me,,




Each and every one...

And I love them all. 

Thank you so much 

Take care all 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx

Friday, 29 December 2017

More wonderful cards

Good afternoon all, how are you today ? 
I must admit I am a bit lost this week, and find it hard to remember what day it is....Christmas just seems to leave me in a muddle,.,
Do you find the same ? 
We took the dogs down the fields this morning and it had been freezing , but some places were still muddy 
Silly me make a mistake a walked over a large puddle, but ended up slipping and then falling through the cracked ice. 
I can tell you the water was very cold...and the air a bit blue...!!!! 
Good job Karl was there to lift me out...
So I am a little bit tender today...
As for the dogs ....they just watched...
Karl did ask if I was practicing for dancing on ice !!!! Bless him..
Onto today’s cards...

As promised I am sharing more of the fabulous art work with you 

I am so honoured that I have been sent these 

And the messages inside..
Wow thank you all so much 

And the gifts...
What can I say 
You are such a generous and lovely group of friend 

Look at these 

My Pointsettia is still looking fab , thanks Janet and Susan 

I have so many things to treasure 

I will pop back tomorrow with the last instalment 
Take care all 
Enjoy your evening 
A bottle of wine and a film for us...

After an afternoon nap...
Or as Fi calls it a granny nap...

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx