Sunday, 9 April 2017

Clarity Anglesey, great day.

Good afternoon all, and thanks for joining me today. Thanks for all your good wishes for Danielle, she is still in hospital and under observation, so Adam is staying with her.

Yesterday it was such a lovely day in Anglesey, the sun was shinning and wow did we craft. We got all four cards made in record time.

Our first one , was a mixture of stamps and Stencils, I just love all your colour choices ladies.

And yes, we did use my new favourite stamp. The Fantasy Flower stamp.

Next we did some ink blending , one of my favourite techniques.

After lunch, and I have to say I was very focused and didn't watch the young men outside playing football once. We use papers from the Brighton Rock paper pack.

These stamps are great when used together and ideal for using with VersaMark ink and clear embossing powder

Our fourth card involved some kissing....

Don't worry ....

Kiss stamping

And the fabulous script stencil in the background. Sorry ladies I didn't get all your lovely cards on this photo...

( I think there was cake involved at this point )

Thanks for such a lovely day ladies, whilst we were crafting Karl took Tess and Eric to the beach. They had a great day and slept most of the way back to the campsite. Once back we bought some cheese made at the farm next to the campsite...oh it is yummy and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Today we have been on a coastal walk, it really did blow the cobwebs away

And yes, Eric went for another swim

The water was so clear...

Really helped to clear my head ...

Back home tomorrow and ready for another busy week .

Enjoy your evening all.

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Weather was beautiful on Saturday up here Bangor/ Anglesey but I am sorry we couldn't make it last through Sunday for you whilst many other places had their hottest day of the year. I am so pleased that you both and Eric and Tess love Anglesey as much as I do, it has so much to offer visitors. Lovely work by your ladies too xxx you are such an inspirational teacher xx

  2. Super cards from your class. That water looks so inviting but it was soooooo cold! Had a great holiday in Wales and visited Anglesey, stunning scenery. XX

  3. Lovely artwork and loveky to see the pooches having such a nice time x

  4. Thank you ladies, I love to ready your

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